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Bashaud Breeland, known as Boi Wunder/Prodi-Bree is a Professional Athlete, rapper and song writer Born and Raised in Allendale, SC. Breeland became involved in sports as a platform that he imagined could be his way out. He was nicknamed the Prodi-Bree because he posed a passion for Football and had exceptional qualities and abilities. In 2010, Breeland began to develop a serious passion for music when heard a mixtape by Future, which he immediately identified as the future of music. From that day Breeland began to dream even bigger about using his platform to create and launch his own label.

In 2014 Breeland began brainstorming on the name of his label in which he named 17Familia. The name was derived after his high school jersey number and the most important thing to him, “Family”. The label’s primary purpose is to be a think tank for young and aspiring artist who have a desire to be a part of the “swi-lyfe” style. In 2015, Breeland manufactured a soundproof studio in the basement of his Ashburn home where he found his escape from the grueling schedule of being a professional athlete. In 2016, Breeland released his first single “Running Up Check”, produced by DJ Black, which had great reviews by many, but not by member teams of the League. Keep in mind, Breeland’s passion for music is a form of self-expression and not his actual lifestyle! He went on to collaborate with MMG, the SB Boys and FAT Trel.

Although music has always been a part of his daily life, creating his own music allows him to be creative and tell his life experiences. A passion of wanting to see others grow and enjoy life, his music, beats and lyrics give you just the motivation you need. Breeland’s has a goal of selling out an arena of any size, not anyone in particular. It is safe to say Bashaud Breeland possesses strong athletic and musical abilities and has the temperament of a true "go-getter".


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Breeland X LR Newton Prod. DJBlack "Running Up Check"

Breeland X LR Newton Prod. DJBlack "Running Up Check" (Update)




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The Bashaud Breeland Foundation
The BBF’s sole mission is to provide support, education, awareness and resources to organizations dedicated to saving lives through cancer research and outreach for the homeless.

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1st Pick up - 801 Oakland Drive @ 8:15 AM

2nd Pick up - 1523 Water Street @ 8:25 AM

3rd Pick up - Barton Road @ 8:40 AM

Community Day & Football Camp
Saturday, June 16, 2018
9:00 AM
Allendale-Fairfax High School
3581 Allendale- Fairfax Hwy
Fairfax, SC 29827

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Through the generosity of people like you, our work can make a difference in the lives of youth within and around our communities. Your gift to Bashaud Breeland Foundation allows us to advance community based knowledge and learning opportunities.

You can choose to make a one-time gift to support our efforts year round.
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